Sepia-Toned Electronica to Soundtrack Nocturnal Melancholia

LA and Stockholm based electronic music duo, ROOM8, are back with a new glistening single, ‘Jasmine Night’, taken from their upcoming album Transduction (releasing October 11th 2019). 

The synth-pop laced track features fatty baselines, 80’s like drum machine patterns, and oscillating synthesizers, all tucked behind the subdued vocals of Jesika Miller. A smooth and glistening atmosphere exhibits the synesthetic approach to the song that ROOM8 took, drawing inspiration from certain Los Angelos nights when “there is an incredible scent that drifts through the air and canyons.” 

ROOM8 have previously collaborated with Morgxn, Little Boots, and Electric Youth (who worked on the Drive soundtrack). The duo also produced the score to upcoming 2019 film Cuck, and despite their busy schedules, the progressive electronica of their work still manages to shine through in an eclectic and evocative nature.

Top-notch production keeps the swirling synths tight as each pulsating entrance floats above lines “whatever tomorrow brings, I’m ready for anything;” and “when you cry out in the night I hear you, I will be there when you call,” respectively. 

‘Jasmine Night’ is thrust forward by surging mini-moog basslines while the ethereal hook acts as an ode to an unwell family member since the track, “was written at a time when a family member was battling a serious illness,” manifesting feelings of devotion.