Following on from her collaboration concert with The National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner at HAVEN this summer, Selma Judith has released a compelling video for her bittersweet single ‘Kind of Lonely’.

Shot in a single take, the clip is an intimate affair that grants the viewer access into Selma’s Copenhagen apartment, and draws attention to her emotional vulnerability – perfectly complimenting her seductive vocals and woozy R&B style.

It serves as a bold introduction to her as an artist, although she’s already made a name for herself as a talented harpist, taking part in live sessions with MØ and hot Danish producer Vera – whose previous collaborations include the likes of Liss, Goss and Off Bloom.

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Selma offers some insight into the inspiration of the track, which beautifully encapsulates the delicate fragility of a romantic relationship, whilst detailing the pain and discomfort of fragmented love.

Sometimes you love someone ‘despite of…’, instead of ‘because of…’. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the emotions we feel for the person are any weaker – it can be quite the contrary. This kind of relationship can reach wuthering heights, but although the view might be grand and beautiful, the fall is further down. The thin air up in these clouds is addictive, but in the long run, it can really damage you.

Make sure you check it out below!