Scott Hardware set to release second full-length “Engel,” shares new single “Joy”

Toronto’s Scott Hardware will be releasing Engel, his second full-length album this April. It will mark the end of a three-year process of writing, recording and letting down his guard.

The album was inspired by Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire. The film follows angels around pre-unification Berlin as they listen to the thoughts of the mortals they are surrounded by. “I sought with this album to capture the film’s velvety feeling – in turns funny, depressing, dark and mundane – in LP form” Hardware says.

Scott just released the lead single, “Joy”, a rhythmic and driving avant pop track which is not about experiencing joy, but a reminder to keep looking for it. It’s the most overt nod to dance music on Engel and a love letter to music that makes you move. 

You can take a listen to the first single “Joy” now!

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