Sara Lew releases excellent new album ‘Sunday Morning’

Sara Lewis Sørensen, who recently expanded her artist name from LEW to SARA LEW, now presents her new album Sunday Morning. Centred around Sara’s expressive vocals and intense melodies, ‘Sunday Morning’ is out now on Copenhagen-based label HUN SOLO Records.

The eight songs on Sunday Morning take the listener through existential human considerations, all wrapped up in beautifully lyrical sounds and dreamy rock electronica melodies.

The title song ‘Sunday Morning’ describes an encounter with the nature of Scotland, and its exemplification of calm and durability. Sara says: ”Sunday Morning is a story based on a special experience I had when I was visiting The Outer Hebrides in Scotland with my family. The scenery was magnificent. We lived in a house surrounded by endless mountains full of mystery and surrounded by the Atlantic that daily shifted between the ebb and the flood in the most beautiful way. At ebb the seabed emerged as the finest light sandy beach. I went for a walk out on the sand and suddenly I stood in the middle of a rainbow. The song is based on this experience and describes images from this nature around me. And from there also a line of thoughts built on a relation to and history with another human who had finally found peace and new life.”

On ‘Leave The Shed’ Sara encourages a close friend to dare to step into the unknown and away from the safety net surrounding her. Singles ‘You Said’ and ‘Does Anybody Listen’ show her skill at building the relationship between relevant text and impressive musicality, an ability born of years of song writing experience.