Sans Soucis shares the uplifting single “Make One From A Two”

Following an array of support since her debut EP in 2019, Italo-Congolese singer-songwriter, composer, producer and guitarist Sans Soucis (Giulia Grispino) shares the first single from her upcoming sophomore EP Unfinished. Interwoven with soothing harmonies, “Make One From A Two” is a powerful yet delicate single laced with jazz inflections and alternative rock.

Capturing the heart of the EP, the single is dedicated to those brave enough to explore the complexities of love. With a tapestry of warm percussion and rich acoustics, “Make One From A Two” delves into a meditative world of blissful sounds. Marrying her delicate vocals with an intimate, orchestral backing, the track showcases the depths of Sans Soucis as an evocative artist.

“‘Make One From A Two’ is a hymn for empathy and the ability to create closeness, through compassion”, explains Giulia. “The lead story travels along the lines of a relationship. We don’t know the subjects and we don’t know what role they play in each other’s lives but we assume they’re intimate. They mirror each other, they can read each other passed the surface and they’re able to filter out every boundary that hides what’s not always so easy to accept: the need to nurture love, even when it’s throwing us out of our balance, even when it’s ugly, even when it’s challenging everything we think we know.”

“The single is also a self-reflective picture of the discovery of oneself. More specifically playing around the idea of gender identity as a choice to exist outside of social constructs, a burdening limitation for self expression. It is a relationship we have with the person we are when we are alone and the person we think we should be outside of our four walls. ‘Make One From A Two’ screams “be brave”, “be you” and don’t be afraid to love, love yourself and accept love for the person you are and with everything you carry with your existence.”

Sans Soucis’ Unfinished EP is out next month.

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