San Diego’s The Color Forty Nine Release Gorgeous Video for “Hours Made”

The Color Forty Nine released their stellar self-titled EP on the 15th of June. In celebration of the release, they’ve just shared their stunning video for one of the highlights on The Color Forty nine, “Hours Made.” Upon first hearing the song, I was transported to a dark desert highway. The rhythm of the soft mallets propelling my ride. But as is often the case, videos have a way of distorting your imagination. We’re still moving and it’s still dark. But now we’re battling rough seas at one moment and enjoying a quiet respite the next. That’s a hard thing to accomplish for a performance video. But the band is aded by the artwork of Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio.

hail from San Diego, California, where pretty much everything is nice. The weather and languid pace can easily lull you into a blissful complacency…or implore you to seek for more. For their first recording, the band has mined a collection of seven musical stories from their surroundings, daily life, countries traveled, and the fortunate proximity of the neighboring town of Tijuana, Mexico, a whole different place altogether.

Describing it as ‘the best feature of living in San Diego, and one tragically avoided by all too many’, Tijuana is the inspiration and occasional setting for many of the lyrics for vocalist, &Phil Beaumont&. Stealing from autobiographical moments, and semi-fictional tales of characters encountered, and imagined, from both sides of the border and beyond, Beaumont’s lyrics explore the notion that we all seek refuge, in places, moments and people with whom, or from whom, we sometimes want to escape.

Collectively, the members of the band have played throughout the world with previous and current projects such as little white teeth (Phil Beaumont), the Black Heart Procession (Matt Resovich & Jason Hooper), the Album Leaf (Matt Resovich), maquiladora (Phil Beaumont), System’s Officer (Jason Hooper) and the John Meeks Band (John Meeks, Matt Resovich). The band members have also sat in with the likes of Eric Bachmann and Pinback as touring members.