Saint Blonde share summer hit ‘Love Me Instead’

Formed originally as a side project in early 2018, Texas-based quartet Saint Blonde made its official independent debut later that year with the energetic single Shy, which caught ears and turned heads the world over, garnering hundreds of thousands of hits.

Longtime friends and collaborators, the group came together over their love for sincere indie-pop flavours and the timeless, swirling sounds of yesteryear – and they execute their refined vision with an inexorable finesse. Groove-heavy percussive patterns anchor the colourful guitars and nostalgic, understated synth work, laying the foundation for frontman Hunter Fitch’s gritty vocals to bring the instrumental optimism into balance.

Releasing July 26th, Love Me Instead sees the first Saint Blonde release of the year, perfectly timed for the Summer season. Led by a euphoric vocal melody that imbues a sense of carefree wanderlust, they masterfully navigate through varying levels of energy, grabbing you in the first second and holding on tight.

For more on Saint Blonde, visit their website.