Ruben Dawnson’s ‘SAYIMGOOD’ explores the duality of self-love and self-criticism

Recently, emerging Norwegian talent Ruben Dawnson released his anti-anxiety anthem ‘FYALMA’. The single found favour with the likes of Dummy, Earmilk, Clash Magazine, Variance, Elevator, Noctis Magazine and many more from the blogosphere and beyond. Now, Dawnson would like you to get to know him a little better with another personal indie-pop gem called ‘SAYIMGOOD’.

Dawnson’s signature raw honesty and visceral emotion can be found within those questioning lyrics, “why are you so unenthusiastic, huh? / Why you always gotta be so drastic?”, mimicking the internal voices of the narrator. The whole track bounces and reverberates with fuzzy guitars and paradoxically upbeat percussion, while the genuine sentiments of Dawnson’s feeling is further highlighted by the lo-fi production.

Speaking about the track, Dawnson shares:

“this song, like the whole ep, is very introspective. it revolves around the feeling of not being in a healthy state. it switches back and forth between singing to myself in third person, and from myself in first person – which symbolizes a certain duality and disorientation. self love and self criticism.”

As Dawnson hints, ‘SAYIMGOOD’ is the second taste of a newly announced debut EP, Echo Emotions, which is set to drop on May 8th.

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