Roniit’s “Fade To Blue” is a Stunning Visual Tackling Abandonment

Ronniit’s latest video, “Fade To Blue” shows her at her most vulnerable. For many artists they craft a fabricated version of themselves that shows their best self. Roniit is different.

“Fade To Blue” portrays a deeply personal and revealing side to a relationship gone awry. Roniit’s relationship went through intense highs; the two falling madly in love, developing a bond that quickly ended from her elusive lover abandoning her. Her single “Fade To Blue” was used to heal and overcome this heartbreak.

Roniit includes footage of her time with her love in the desert. “I recorded the moment he said he’d never want to be with me. I shot footage for the music video in his empty guest room the night he told me that. This song is me taking my most intense emotions, and turning it into art in the purest form; nothing is fabricated.” – Roniit 

By including the footage she exposes another side to her. Documenting heartache in a way many artists are afraid to. Roniit is a true artist in her ability to capture exactly what she went through.

Roniit had recently moved to Bali in order to heal. Inspired by the environment around her many of the sounds and moods felt by the captivating wilderness can be heard through her production.

What makes this visual even more impressive was all the aspects Roniit was in control of. Not only did she record, produce the track herself but the video was shot and edited by Roniit as well. Her music shows the power artists have in their narrative and how captivating they can be when they are giving full control.

“Fade To Blue” is an impressive feat that inspires many of us. It creates a space for us to heal while also showing what is possible for up-and-coming artists. Roniit’s upcoming album is set to be released this October. Be sure to follow her continued releases and see more of her potential.