Roman Harris shares poignant new single ‘Come Around’ in memory of friend diagnosed with Leukaemia

Come Around follows up latest single ‘Upon A Lifetime’ from Brixton-based singer-songwriter Roman Harris. Influenced by Indie, Folk and R&B, Roman fuses these genres to create heartfelt, honest and touching compositions.

Roman’s beautiful writing style and ability to capture emotion so perfectly are evident in his forth single ‘Come Around’, a song inspired by a friend’s Leukaemia diagnosis and released in his memory. 

Maybe this is exactly what we needed right now. We are experiencing difficult times in the world and, somehow, re-learning the beauty of taking care of others, being there for each other.

Harris explains: “Come Around is a song very close to my heart. It was written with a suffering friend in mind but is for anyone out there suffering with an illness that cannot be cured and just wanting those that they love to continue being there for them, to continue treating them the same way and to continue coming around”