Rock Royalty Assemble to Back Charmian Devi on New Single

With a wealth of experience and success playing across the US, Canada and the UK with Wretched Ethyl, Charmian Devi has now returned with a new single and a very impressive backing band featuring some of rock’s most revered names.

Joined on the new single ‘Radio Of None’ by her band of guitarist Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group); Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan’s bass player since 1989; Tom Waits; Paul Simon) and Sonic Youth drummer, Steve Shelley, not to mention the talented work of Marc Urselli behind the production desk (six-times nominated and three-times Grammy award winner: Lou Reed; Mike Patton; Keith Richards; ZZ Top and many more!) Charmian’s new material has an airy atmosphere to it while still obtaining a feeling of urgency and direction.

With a hefty influence of 70’s thrown into ‘Radio Of None’, Charmian’s sound is immediately comparable to the likes of Lou Reed, The Doors and even in parts Lana Del Rey. To me, this track screams that it needs to be in the background of an episode of Mad Men or a slow motion shot in a Tarantino film. Effortlessly cool, effortlessly affecting and effortlessly memorable, listen to Charmian Devi – Radio of None below: