Robin Cars releases his debut EP “Pure Money: Half American Roleplay”

Designed to antagonise, 22-year old Danish/American artist Robin Cars (Gustav Shihab) creates fractured pop studded with sharp synths and dark electronic rhythms.

Building tracks around personal experiences and unconventional characters, Robin Cars’ nocturnal pop is simultaneously grotesque and beautiful. Following the sexual theatrics of “Lightning” and “Chche Romantyka”, his debut EP Pure Money: Half American Roleplay is a coven of devilish delights, studded with dark electronic rhythms and warped electronic patterns. 

Collaborating with Adrian Elliot and Polish performance artist Gumo Wiedżma to create glitchy performance art, synths spark as the electronically charged rhythms slide over the musical landscape, erupting abruptly into shocks of static electricity.

Described as “attempting to read a Tom Robbins novel in a Berghain darkroom”, Robin Cars creates club music to fall in love to. You never know what you might find in the dark.