Riva Taylor releases her latest single ‘Running at Walls’ – Interview

London-born singer Riva Taylor chats to us about her latest single release and tells us what 2020 has in store for her.

Tell us about your new single, Running at Walls?

I wrote this song a year ago with an amazing songwriter and friend, James Walsh, and I’m so happy to be launching the music video this week which uses movement to explore the pushes, pulls and the brick ‘walls’ of a romantic relationship. Moving out of the Summer, happiness and into Autumn has always felt exposing for me as things change around us. The temperature drops, kids go back to school, leaves fall from the trees. This is a song about Autumn laying bare the reality of a situation that Summer has covered up. 

The video looks great, how did you come up with the inspiration for that?

I have danced since I was two and I was desperate to find the right song where dance could be used to tell the story behind the lyrics. Running At Walls, which tells of the pushes, pulls and ‘walls’ encountered in a romantic relationship felt like the perfect choice. It was so much fun rehearsing this one up!

You supported Barbara Streisand in London’s Hyde Park, what was that like? Did you get to meet her?

It was such an honour to perform that day and showcase some of my new material. It’s a festival I’ve always wanted to be a part of, and really special to me as I live close to Hyde Park these days. Unfortunately I didn’t chat to the lady herself but she put on quite a show! As you would expect.

Who are your musical influences?

I think Lady Gaga is a great artistlove that she can do both bold, mainstream pop but also nail a classic and collaborate with someone like Tony Bennett. I think Adele of course is amazing, I think she has shown us all that quality artists making great music can still break trough in a big way. Right now I’m loving Yebba, I cant wait to hear what’s next from her. I grew up listening to Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Sade so they are always go-to when I’m in a nostalgic kinda mood.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Muse. I’d love to create something dark and epic with them. I’d also like to write and record a soppy ballad with Sam Smith. I have great memories of performing alongside him years ago at a few events in town before he hit the big time. What a voice!

What does 2020 have in store for Riva Taylor?

All the music is coming in 2020! The album. I’m very excited about that. And we already have the next single ready to roll in a few weeks. I’ve had this one under wraps a long time and I’m looking forward to hearing what people think. Stay tuned to my social channels for more info and gigs be announced soon.

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