Rising R&B Star Jusky Seeks the Beauty Within

Coming in hot from the tropics of Brazil, Jusky‘s fresh release is sure to set the music scene alight. The track, complete with newly released video, draws on the singer’s experiences of prejudice ideas of physical appearance after comments that his boyfriend ‘wasn’t handsome enough for him’.

‘Just Beautiful’, is not only a pop hit in its own right, it delivers a deeper message, and takes a stand against body fascism and media stereotypes. The video shows people of all colours, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and sexuality, to encourage the artist’s message that “beauty is beyond what the eyes can see”.

The release is a breath of fresh air in an industry still littered with image focused, photo-shopped stars and plastic pop. It provides an example to young listeners, without compromising musicality in any way. Jusky has set the foundations for a new stream of outspoken artists with a message to share, through an artistic and touching video.

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