Rising funk-soul duo The Good Manners release new single ‘High Roller’

Ahead of the release of their eclectic debut EP, Godspeed, out 17th July 2020, funk-soul duo The Good Manners have now shared their new single High Roller and its an absolute vibe.

High Roller feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of Vulfpeck and Sly & The Family Stone, as lead singer Marcos Gonzalez’ soulfully reverberant vocal soars effortlessly over the gyrating bass and funk-forward musicality. Talking about the single, the duo explain, “We didn’t have any instruments when we started this song, usually we have a guitar or a keyboard but we only had a laptop. We started playing around with new sounds and samples we otherwise wouldn’t have used, that’s where the vinyl sample drums and the distorted clarinet came from.”

Godspeed is out 17th July 2020.