Rie Fu Releases Stunning LP ‘Places’

Japanese-British singer songwriter Rie Fu is to release her upcoming LP later this week on Friday, entitled Places.

Previously based in Tokyo, this latest musical endeavor sees her exploring the more serene, countryside location of her current home in Surrey, UK – hence, she explains, the title of the album.

The simple way to explain the title ‘Places’ is that it’s about where I came from and where I am now,” she says. “This idea was inspired by a documentary I saw recently about Yo Yo Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble, in which musicians with various geographical, religious and political background gathered to perform music.”

“That made me realise more than ever that music is all about the journey between where you’re from and the exact moment when the music is being performed. I think where you live, and this beautiful countryside and nature in the UK, is so inspiring. I get off the train and smell the fresh air.”

Her often sound echoes the beautiful simplicity of a Joni Mitchell-esque piano and voice combo, such as on opening track Ripples. Yet tracks such as Rie’s single and video releases, Mirror, sees her blending this wonderful acoustic sound with electronic production elements with impressive musical elegance.

Places is released on this Friday, the 15th March.