Rex Evans ‘Changes’ – Out Now

Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Rex, born Rex Anthony Evans III, is an Atlanta native nurtured by southern culture. He is a multi-faceted artist whose niche is a unique approach to pop and soul fusion. With influences including Prince, Cameo and The Weeknd, Rex creates music that speaks to cross generations and cultures. He is melodically rich, lyrically prolific, musically rhythmic, and vocally hypnotic.

“My mind moves very fast so I would get bored waiting on my favorite artists to release new music, so I started to make my own. It started in high school with me writing, and recording my friends. Then borrowing my mom’s computer to make beats. As I think back, since she is a musician (playing for outkast and many more), doing music comes instinctively and organically as any other common gesture I express.

Rex grew up in the studio because his mother, Debra Killings, is a staple in Atlanta’s music scene. She is a bass player and vocalist who has contributed to records by TLC, Monica, OutKast, Goodie Mob, Madonna, Aretha Franklin and Jay-Z to name a few. Rex writes, produces and sings all of his music with the exception of a few collaborations with, Dallas Austin, a music producer responsible for hits by Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pink, TLC and many others. Rex Evans is a refreshing, emerging talent entering the music scene with a precise intention to deliver. A millennial with substantive abounding content and one worth your attention.

“Changes embodies that moment when you realize the one you had love for has changed in a way that opens your eyes to seeing the person you knew before is no longer there and all the efforts you put in to get back to them were a waste”