Rev Magnetic first single release precedes album

Combining elements of dream pop, R&B, shoegaze and post rock, Rev Magnetic revolves around the core of musician and author Luke Sutherland. A long-time Mogwai collaborator who provided both the words and vocals to Mogwai’s ‘Mexican Grand Prix’ track, Luke is also a friend of Rock Action Records and the label are excited to be releasing ‘Gloaming’/’Firmament Gear’, under license from the band’s own Imminent Joy Records, as Rev Magnetic’s first output for the label.

While touring the world as guest multi-instrumentalist with Mogwai, Luke (Long Fin Killie, Bows, Music A.M. Jomi Massage) used the downtime to sketch a bunch of songs. Once he got home, he wrote a handful more and recorded them with the help of a few friends at his cottage on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Keen to translate the radiant chaos of the recordings into a live setting, Rev Magnetic was born. Featuring Audrey Bizouerne ((Gift Horse) bass, vocals, guitar, keyboards) who Luke met in Paris while he was playing with Jomi Massage, Sam Leighton (drums) and Gregor Emond (guitar) who played with Luke in Hynd way back before the birth of the internet, the band previously released one single ‘Like No Girl That Ever Was’/’Don’t Let Joy Destroy You’.

With a digital/streaming release of 8 January 2019 and a 7″ set for 22 February, ‘Gloaming’, with its celestial tale of disappearing love (“My parents ignored me, now they’re dust amongst the stars. I hunger for their love, I hunger for your love”), provides a snapshot of the band’s forthcoming debut album which, with a cosmos of transformative sound references ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Teebs, Lemmy-era Hawkwind to ABBA and Vaughan Williams to Stravinsky, is due for release later this year.