Rebecca Phillips releases haunting new video, Silicone Skin

Rebecca Phillips is a bold artist who enjoys confronting the obscure and outfront uncomfortable in her music. The new video, Silicone Skin, plays with the human obsession for technological progression. Rebecca juxtaposes this with our innate and inevitable vulnerability. 

Rebecca Phillips is a London based creative who’s been recognised by the likes of Complex, Hypebeast, Radio 1 XTRA and Resident Advisor as well as her work in the realms of fashion. Rebecca’s compelling music holds elements of both surrealism and real life, amidst a highly provocative and intentionally challenging nature. Her most prominent track, Green Porcelain, is reminiscent of great creatives such as Bjork and FKA Twigs

Silicone Skin is a self-directed video that kicks off an onslaught of releases for Rebecca this year. The tale follows a character’s journey to construct an eerily perfect clone of her ex. Co-produced with Christian Mac, the track explores an experimental take on modern R&B. Sonically, the ambitious new single boasts Rebecca’s poignant vocals, and other worldly fills that warp the senses.