R&B/Soul Singer Geron Premieres Her New EP “Tainted”

Contemporary R&B/Soul artist Geron has released her much-awaited full-length EP Tainted. The EP features previously released hit-singles such as “TBH” and “Plans”, with the addition of four never before heard tracks.

Listen to it exclusively for the first time here:

Geron’s musical style falls somewhere between the genres of Pop, Alternative, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Her voice holds a unique, soulful quality that lends itself to mastering and morphing multiple genres. This distinctive quality is showcased through her EP as her hypnotic voice weaves through seemingly traditional, yet modern R&B beats.

Geron says about Tainted “For this EP there were inner emotions I wanted to release. I’ve always loved hard in my relationships, but over time  I started to feel like some of my relationships changed the way I looked at love. I started experiencing more negative emotions than happy ones to the point where I started asking myself “Is this what people mean when they say you are going to ‘go through’ things in your relationship?” I feel like Tainted captures a lot of the different experiences I went through whether it was with friendships in “TBH” or loneliness in “Love Again.”

Geron will be performing 2/13 at SOB’s in NYC for the release of her EP. Check out the event page for more information.