Rainbrother embrace the importance trusting human connection after immigration setback

Danish Psych Rockers Rainbrother have released new track ‘The Master’

Along with touring their native Denmark and the UK, the band have appeared at Bestival, SPOT Festival and SXSW – where in fact the band made the news on the BBC and CNN for an immigration debacle involving their front man Bjarke.

This rejection hasn’t dampened Bjarke’s faith in humanity, who tells us “We recorded all songs on the album live without a click track so the songs could flow freely. Our drummer Lars was our God carrying us through. Quite appropriate since the lyrics are actually about letting go. It’s incredible how much more you can give when you believe that someone’s got your back.”

Recorded on and old farm with producer Kennie Takahashi (Danger Mouse, Beck, Black Keys), the track’s distinctive vocal harmonies are reminiscent of Fleet Foxes while the band’s acoustic/electric experimentation nods to early Pink Floyd.

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