Purple Corporation Get Experimental On “Triptych Futuristic”

Chicago-based ‘psychedelectric’ band, Purple Corporation, have released a seriously experimental new track called “Triptych Futuristic”. The track ambitiously experiments with a musical narrative while revelling in lo-fi tones, imaginative lyrics, ambience and space. Purple Corporation never shy away from innovation and originality. This new song takes the listener on a three-part journey that jumps from modern-day deities to post-apocalyptic soundscapes to research bases on the bottom of the ocean.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop at the narrative though, the duo also pours their creativity into the song’s visuals. Triptych Futuristic features cover art from New York based artist Michael Bevilacqua. It perfectly combines three of his works into one synergistic culmination to represent the music.

Purple Corporation is the brainchild of University of Chicago students, Miles Donnelly and Matt Williams. Their first album, Mind Phonics, was a journey through the mind and therefore highly autobiographical. The band uses their skills, along with inspiration from some of their favorite artists (like A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, The Beatles, and Miles Davis), to create multi-sensory, immersive projects that encompass a wide variety of genres and send listeners through dreamscapes of differing emotions and states of mind.