We’re not sure what’s in the water in the town of Fayetteville, AR. But it seems to be affecting the area youth. Local Fayetteville boys, Couch Jackets, are preparing to release their latest, Go To Bed, the 27th of this month and they’ve just shared a new video from it. This is their follow up to the delightfully titled Sayonara Oblongata, which just came out last year.

“Don’t Think Just Breathe” features the band experimenting with a number of foods that do not look very appetizing. Spicy peppers abound and hilarity ensues. But don’t sleep on the musical portion of this video cocktail. The vocals of Ben Eslick and Brennan Leeds play off of each other well. And the guitar solo of Leeds (remember guitar solos!?) is not to be missed.

Just as the band has developed a singular sound, they’ve come up with a visual aesthetic that’s wholly theirs – and that matches the music perfectly. For a still-new band, Couch Jackets have made a lot of videos, and they all display the group’s inventiveness, imagination, and sense of humor. “Don’t Think Just Breathe”, manages to satirize obsessive news-watchers, cooking shows, reality television, and the act of eating dinner. If the members of Couch Jackets (and their friends and associates) appear to be having an absolute blast in this video, that’s because they are. They’re sending their messages in a musical and visual language of their own invention, and it’s only a matter of time before everybody gets the transmission.

The band is already in the works on a video for the next single, “Pillos and Rillos” and we can’t wait.

Credit: Katie Larson

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