Label owner and genre-defying producer, Primate, has released his third forward-thinking EP, ‘Out of Time’, with Brighton label SmallPrint Recordings.

Primate (aka Joe Vince) has forged an ambitious body of work portraying an array of cosmic sounds, situated in a dystopian world where “human life is on the edge of being wiped out, while nature is taking back over” – a stark and stirring take on civilisation depicted throughout the texture-rich EP.

‘Out of Time’ is a melting pot of jazz harmonies and ambient production, combining heavy percussion with foley recordings to create an infectious and unique sound. The varied styles and influences are present from the outset, as lead single ‘Exposed’ makes use of a driven, organic half-time drum n bass vibe, whilst ‘Natural Brilliance’ sees Ill Chill inject a smooth hip hop cadence over an eerie instrumental.

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Joe co-founded SmallPrint Recordings at university in 2014 alongside Mark Aidallbery and Luke Wightman in a bid to shine a light on the burgeoning underground dance music and party scene in Brighton.

Primate’s penchant for combining natural sounds with futuristic electronics has resulted in a fascinating and innovative body of work. Tune in below.