Pretty Decent – Feels Good to Be Free

A great American post-quarantine song!

With their memorable hooks and engaging lyrics, Pretty Decent continues their rise into the country music scene. The four piece from the suburbs of Philadelphia, expands on the pop-country genre with their self-branded ‘Hometown Pop’. 

The band sets themselves apart with relatable lyrics in a unique vocal tone not typically heard in country music. In 2019, Pretty Decent entered the studio with Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, Ariana Grande, One Direction) to produce ‘Kiss Me Now’ and ‘Come Back Home To Me’. Both songs were released to critical acclaim and were featured in national and international press. The band returned to Squire in 2020 to record ‘Feels Good To Be Free.

We recorded the song with Matt Squire in March prior to the COVID outbreak about hanging out and partying with friends, having a good time with no cares. Now more than ever as the country starts to open up, this is a song that will unite people and bring us together and out of this difficult time.