PREMIERE: Citris Has Released Her Long Awaited Sophomore Album, Delusions Of Glamour

Following the recent release of their latest single, Citris has released her long awaited sophomore album, Delusions Of Glamour. Serving as the lead guitarist and vocalist, Angelina is a powerhouse of electronic infused grunge melodies and honest lyrics. Her summer single, “Hell is a Place on Earth”, took a stance on our current political climate and landed her an in-studio performance at iHeart Radio’s New York City HQ.

Created alongside former band mate, Chris Krasnow, Delusions Of Glamour consists of 10 innovative tracks filled with grunge rock and electronic riffs that will captivate listeners upon first listen. The first track, “God is a Witch”, relates to not only a toxic relationship, but also a toxic society where some of us feel like we aren’t enough. Citris dives into current societal and economic issues of the world, as well as personal relationships, throughout this album. Tracks like “Gun of a Son”, “Hell is A Place On Earth”, and “End of the World Party” shed light on serious issues that some may feel uncomfortable to talk about but are important to discuss. The album ends with “Built 4 Luv”, a lyrically emotional track about loving someone purely and honestly without conditions even if it means the feeling isn’t reciprocated.

Inspired by several rock bands, Citris brings her own unique sound of psychedelic-grunge to the table. Electronic melodies, as well as heavy guitar and pop rhythms intertwine throughout all 10 tracks. Along with rock, we also get to see a more fun side to Citris with tracks displaying high tempos and Madonna-esque vibes. In “End of the World Party” and “Genetic Makeup” Citris creates lively melodies filled with fuzzed out guitars and a beat that will make the listener want to dance. 

Citris was started by Angelina in 2012 in Purchase college amongst fellow musician/artist friends. Creating a signature grunge rock foundation with a progressive twist, Citris created an underground following throughout the community and grew with the times and her growing fanbase. Citris has recently morphed into a live duo consisting of Angelina, vocalist and guitarist, and Aaron Silberstein, drummer. The most recent album Panic in Hampton Bays was the last iteration of Citris to involve a band mentality. The project allowed Citris her first cross country tour and captured the attention of notable publications like Paste Magazine, NPR and UPROXX.