Precocious pop duo HYYTS release ‘Car Crash Carnivore’

Glasgow risers HYYTS return with their latest precocious pop release, Car Crash Carnivore, out now. Kicking off with Adam’s ethereal falsetto soaring over soft synth soundscapes, the duo’s disco and alt-pop influences clearly shine through. Adam whimsically stays true to his roots with his own take on ‘skip-hop’ (Scottish hip-hop), creating a sound that feels truly refreshing and unpredictable.

Talking about the track, HYYTS elaborate, “Car Crash Carnivore is a warning to all the shapeshifters and monsters that live among us and try to blend in. We wanted all the creatures that lurk in the shadows of show business and politics to know that we’re on to them and there’s no price for our souls”.