Posh Chocolates return with ‘Gold Tongue’

We love Gold Tongue, the fresh new single from Manchester 3-piece Posh Chocolates. The futuristic synth-led ballad is destined to make it’s way onto your playlists.

The single is interesting in it’s production, with sparring guitar-work sat nicely amongst clever percussion, risers and pads.

Discussing the single, the band elaborate:

“Contrary to the listener’s first impression of the rather lyrically unambiguous hook, Gold Tongue is a ballad discussing a connection with another person on an empathetic level. Based upon shared experiences, such as struggles with mental health and loss, I found myself suddenly at ease knowing that I had found myself a parallel to confide in. “I know how you feel, mate.” said everyone, ever. But to finally find someone who you truly trust has shared the same trauma as you is extremely cathartic.”