Pop Singer Annie Sollange is breaking hearts and pulling all the stops in latest video,”About You.”

Directed by Lara Aslanian, Sollange begins the video by entering a techni-colored dream that quickly turns into a nightmare brought on by even more colorful dates found online. Each date has their own personality that proves to be filled with red flags, warnings and terrifying traits.

“About You,” created by Annie Sollange and EQRIC, is full of energy. Starting from a somber ballad asking for clarity to crescendoing to a full electro-pop chorus, Sollange lets her lover know exactly how she fells. Fast-paced and dynamic “About You” is a track that easily gets stuck in your head.

The video is just as bold as the single, and Annie shines throughout. Her natural talent as an artist shows through her bright facial expressions, care-free dancing and well-executed performance.  

Moscow born, LA-based, the “Russian Princess of Pop” is just getting started. Her first single, “Gemini” achieved over 1 million streams, and Annie had a successful career as an electronic artist. Now shifting towards pop, the singer is on her way to excel in whatever genre she puts herself into.