photo by Yannic Poepperling

Pop Provocateur, Máni Orrason Shares Stripped Version of ‘Cowboy Cold’

Orrason‘s second album ‘I Woke Up Waiting‘ was just released this past spring – and yet, it seems like forever ago. Pretty typical when so much happens in the meantime.

Orrason has since discovered new sides to himself, and so he got together with a producer to showcase these new facets on his EP ‘BabyAngel‘. 

I have changed“,

he says about himself. 

Some intense months lie behind the 21-year-old, who not only found a new love recently but also formed a new kind of relationship with his work and music. ‘BabyAngel‘ is an EP about falling in love and about what happens after that – including despair, longing, and other inevitabilities. It moves freely between dreaming and waking, pondering and letting go, and serves as an impressive documentation of development both personal as well as artistic. 

On ‘BabyAngel‘ the new Máni becomes graspable – at least for a moment. The six-song-EP covers all the big emotions – from queer infatuation on ‘CowboyCold‘, fears for the future on ‘I Swear It’s True‘, and frustrations on ‘Numb‘, all the way up to questions about sense and self on ‘PictureI Recall‘.

In a most positive sense, Máni presents himself as a newcomer who is not only ahead of his age, but increasingly also ahead of the times. 

Catch Máni Orrason live soon on his BABY ANGEL TOUR 2020
Tickets available here

04.02.20 Hamburg, Häkken 
05.02.20 Hannover, Lux
06.02.20 Cologne, Blue Shell
07.02.20 Mainz, Schon Schön
11.02.20 Stuttgart, Im Wizemann 
12.02.20 Munich, Milla
13.02.20 Dresden, Beatpol
14.02.20 Berlin, Musik & Frieden