Rising pop singer Nykki released an intimate stripped-down version of her vibrant debut single ‘No Cry’.

The young artist has been gaining a lot of attention in the pop world with her latest ‘No Cry’, whose video – premiered on Billboard– received over 300K streams within three weeks of release. Nykki is now ready to reveal another side of her musical range with an acoustic version of the song, featuring stripped back production, instruments including strings and delicately-plucked guitars, which showcases her vibrant vocals.

“’No Cry’ is a strong-minded break up song and the original production helps to deliver an empowering and uplifting message. With the acoustic version I wanted to express the emotional side of the same experience using a different sound.”

Producer and writer Tim Deal, who has recently co-written and done additional production on the latest Tom Walkersingle ‘My Way’, and co-wrote and co-produced ‘Waste’ on Lily Allen‘s latest album – turns the buoyant production of the original version into a folk-inspired ballad.

Whilst the original video depicted Nykki’s journey from the ups and downs of a toxic relationship to the vibrant shots of her dancing with her friends, the visuals accompanying the acoustic version show the young artist alone in her rehearsal studio, showing a simpler side of her music and a more vulnerable side of her personality.

Hailing from Czech Republic, Nykki already achieved superstar success in her own country, scoring a TV show when she was still a child, as wells as going on to perform with Wonderland Magazine-approved girl pop group Pink Angels.Now focusing on her own solo career, Nykki spends her time between Prague and London, where she has been working on her new music with various producers.