Pop Artist Moran Releases Music Video for “Are You Happy?”

“Are You Happy?” dives into the flurry of emotions at the end of a relationship. The single combines a slow beat with electronic influences that gives Moran’s music a unique pop flare.

Israeli musical artist Moran released her new music video “Are You Happy?” following the release of the single. A collaboration between her and producer Guy Mar of the famous Israeli band Hadag Nahash, Moran introduces herself as an honest songwriter.

The music video is fresh and colorful – representation of what Moran brings to the table as an artist. The flow of the single is smooth compared to most commercial pop music, but what sets Moran apart from other talented female artist is her raw songwriting.

“Are You Happy?” marks Moran’s debut as a songwriter. After a horrible accident two years ago that left Moran with broken hands, she understood the need to pour her thoughts and feelings into something. It wasn’t long before she reached her recovery and began writing over 60 songs in 6 months. “Are You Happy?” is one of her most personal singles and the first of many to come from the new songstress.

Currently, Moran is preparing for the release of the “Are You Happy?” remix featuring DJ BrainDead. She plans to release more music in the coming months. Be sure to follow Moran on Social Media and check out “Are You Happy?” on Spotify.