Plàsi releases the euphoric single “Bright”

Following the release of his folk-tinged single ‘Mystery’, half-Swedish, half-Greek songwriter, musician and producer Plàsi returns with his blissful new offering ‘Bright’, released through Canadian label Nettwerk Records.

The second of three singles to be released from his upcoming EP ‘Mystery’, ‘Bright’ is a delicately crafted indie-folk melody, soaked with rhythmic finger-plucking and elated lyricism. Pulling threads from the rich cultures of his dual-heritage, Plàsi’s beautifully curated vocals soar over the simple musical arrangement, alluding to care-free summer evenings spent with a loved one. 

Plàsi explains: “As with the first single ‘Mystery,’ I’ve tried to capture a special feeling and afterwards describe it with sounds. ‘Bright’ is an emotional high, when you’ve reached a climax and are embracing it.”

Bringing Swedish producers Linus and Hannes Hasselberg on board for the new project, the pair have crafted a polished sound which gracefully compliments Plàsi’s elegant aesthetic. Mixed by Canadian Tyler Neil Johnson (Joshua Hyslop and Austin Basham) the pair met twice before deciding to collaborate on the project together: “Tyler found my music online – it means a lot to have his long mixing experience part of this, which has brought that extra dimension to the productions that is difficult to find.”

With the imminent release of his upcoming EP, the project is a powerful showcase of Plàsi’s artistic vision and his ability to bring it to life. Tune in below.