PJ Harvey and Egyptian musician Ramy Essam write and record ‘The Camp’

The British singer-song writer PJ Harvey and the Egyptian musician Ramy Essam have written and recorded ‘The Camp’, out today via digital download. ‘The Camp’ is a moving song with an important message, aimed at raising awareness and support towards displaced children in Bekka Valley (Lebanon), one of the “forgotten” refugee camps where refugees live in terrible conditions, as Khairunissa Dhala from Amnesty International also stated in a report.

All net profits from ‘The Camp’ will be donated by both artists to Beyond Association in the Bekaa Valley, “a national Lebanese non profit and non-Governmental organization aimed at promoting social, economic, cultural, educational, environment, and health issues among several underprivileged groups”. 

The music video alternates recording studio sessions with PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam (also present in his upcoming book ‘I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See’).

Essam in an interview also spoke about PJ Harvey and how was it like to work with her, he said: “She is a humble person and a true artist that I only could dream to even meet — and now I’m singing with her for this important cause, for humanity, It was an honour to work with her, and I found it so inspiring. It gave me a chance to live my dream for a while.”

‘The Camp’ is available now on digital download