Pezzettino Show Us How It’s Done With “How To”

Margaret Stutt has been performing for many years under her own name swell as the Pezzettino moniker. But Resin (out the 8th of February) marks the first official Pezzettino release. “How To” is the lead single from this haunting collection of songs that confront the demons of depression and mental illness head on.

Resin ​is the result of years of documenting hope & resiliency through trauma, crisis and chaos— often written during bouts of insomnia. The studio effort was personally symbolic, celebrating coming through “the tunnel” after a difficult diagnosis and the new lifestyle that is required to successfully live a stable life. The songs were recorded in scattered sessions over a two-year period, and often written the week-of, scrapping an entire album of demos in the wake. It is a recognition of the world’s harshness while holding on to hope, and learning to see with fresh eyes and a “beginner’s mind” approach to life. The name ​Resin​ stems from trees’ process for self-protecting and healing after injury.

The album was recorded at Tiny Telephone Oakland, engineered and mixed by Jacob Winik and mastered by Justin Perkins. Margaret wrote and performed on all of the songs (piano, accordion, vocals), with bandmates from the almighty Carly Bond (guitars, synth, clarinet, vocals), and Andrew Maguire (percussion, drums). This album was a dream team effort and she has deep respect for the talent they brought to the table.

Margaret Stutt (Pezzettino) by Ginger Fierstein