Peppermint Heaven Share ‘Real Religion’

At the tail end of 2018, Clash noted that the underground scenes in the US and UK are interlocking the exchange of ideas on a daily basis. They noted, “Stateside duo Peppermint Heaven are at the forefront of this.” For anyone who has followed the band through the past half decade, this will come as little surprise. Formed of Juno (Keyboards & Vocals) and Spark (Bass Guitar, Drums & Vocals), Peppermint Heaven have built their sound around an on-going passion for the UK sound, while marrying in their own local influences.

Having received critical acclaim for their high-profile remixes in 2018, the Los Angeles-based duo are excited to extend their reach even further in 2019 with the release of a new EP, New Moons.

Heading up the collection is Real Religion, an anthemic indie ode which has strong echoes of both Morrissey and Talk Talk. With a euphoric chorus, Real Religions is a musical statement of 80s excess and contemporary minimalism in perfect sync.