Parisians NIKI NIKI defy sociocultural binaries with ‘Ungenderness’ and release EP

French-born band, NIKI NIKI create an alluring taste of dreamy digi-soul tracks seemingly crafted from thin air. They return with their latest slice ‘Ungenderness’, aptly self-coined as ‘androgynous-pop’. The single is released alongside their debut EP ‘Pretty Sunny Funny Walk’.

NIKI NIKI circumvent sonic clichés with a sound that seems to materialise as if from nothing, before dissipating back into the ether. Residing in Paris, the outfit take full advantage of their surroundings. Playing support slots for Ibeyi, Joan As Police Woman and Christophe, comes with the territory, while lead-vocalist, and unofficial lead on the band’s branding, Mélodie Orru currently performs as singer at the Jean-Paul GaultierFreak Fashion Show’ at Les Folies Bergères in the capital.

NIKI NIKI defy sociocultural binaries on new single ‘Ungenderness’. With its erratic guitar parts and sinkhole-deep kicks, we’re transported away from a musical daydream and into a minimalistic post-punk platform. Taking inspiration from David Bowie and The XX amongst others, the band release debut album ‘Absence’ later this year.

NIKI NIKI tells us a little about the premise of the new single; “Ungenderness is a sensitive pop track which awakens our senses thanks to the deep sound from the low voice and the rhythm that makes us want to dance. It offers a breath of freedom and triggers an urge to kiss everybody, a wind of liberty and sexuality!”  

Stream ‘Pretty Sunny Funny Walk’ EP below.