Paria derives a niche brand of DIY pop on Iranian-influenced ‘Casual’

Blending a distinctive fusion of Iranian, Latin, and UK bass influences into her own classification of pop, it’s fair to say Paria’s tones are of the world. She brings vitality to the tired Scandi-pop scene by soaking in and incorporating her DIY essence with use of traditional Iranian instrument samples and multi-tracked, thickening vocal parts. Late-2017 saw her receiving a nod from BBC Introducing; having had her single ‘91’ picked as Record of the Week by Jericho Keys. Hindered from full musical expression in Iran, following her move to Oslo, Paria, using her impressive vocal range and superb songwriting, produces a timbre of pop alluringly unclear in its direction, deviating in style track-by-track resulting in a resplendently unchained ethos – her backlash to years of creative obstruction. After banking a fair few hundred-thousand plays on her last two singles ‘Summer Blind’ and ‘Low Blow’, Paria initiates her second move towards her debut EP – ‘Popsicle’.

Secondary swoop – ‘Casual’ – towards the upcoming debut EP, opens with gospel-choir samples accompanied by Janelle Monáe-esque throaty percussion loops and bountiful bass-synth parts. On the DIY feat, Paria envelopes the track with her own soulful multi-tracked vocal parts – a trend we see throughout her production style. Through the fully self-written and produced track we reach a chorus atypical of Paria in terms of structure, deviating away from vocal harmonies and incorporating synthesised traditional Iranian instruments looping on a divan of Dhaf drum samples.

Paria elaborates on ‘Casual’:

“I am obsessed with melodies and harmonies, and I actually always overdo it. I record at least 100 vocal tracks per song and then go to just delete most of them, to give listeners a chance to breathe. I recorded the chorus a thousand times but it just didn’t feel right… I found a Vox sample that just blew my mind and used it for an instrumental chorus, which I almost never do, but it ended up being my favorite part of the track!”

 “Keeping it casual is good sometimes, people shouldn’t feel the need to rush into relationships and make commitments for the sake of loneliness or traditionalist views of arranged marriage – just like my parents.”