Pamungkas Releases Thought-Provoking New Album “Solipsism”

Singer-songwriter Pamungkas has released his third album, Solipsism. Each track was created solely in his apartment and describes the world from a place of isolation. In this album, Pamungkas creates a very intimate and laid back atmosphere. His smooth vocals and upbeat electronic sounds take you on a journey of emotions that will leave you wondering. The tone of the album is open for interpretation, one might find it positive and uplifting, other — melancholic and thought-provoking. 

Solipsism is about self-exploration and the philosophical idea that only one’s mind is sure to exist. “Be My Friend” is a track that many can relate to. It touches upon relationships between friends and how complicated it can be. However, it also explores the need for people to be loved for who they are and seek companionship. Each track on the album is filled with clever and relatable lyrics that speak the thoughts and feelings that we like to keep to ourselves. An album that people can truly find solace in. 

Overall, Solipsism is a very deep and emotional album, it reveals his raw reflections as a person, not just a persona. Pamungkas’ melodies and full of light chords bring a unique depth to his compositions creating beautiful layers within his arrangements. The mix of genres takes the listener through the tumultuous and emotional rollercoaster in Pamungkas’s mind.

Pamungkas (pronounced: pah-mung-kah-s) is an Indonesian singer-songwriter and music producer. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, he began his musical journey by learning the drums at the young age of eight and then branching out to guitar and piano. When he was 10 years old, he started accompanying his father, the owner of artist management company Oxygen Entertainment, on the road which only grew his passion for music and live performances. Pamungkas personally crafts every aspect of his music: writing, producing, mixing & mastering, designing album artwork for each song. After having his debut album was reviewed by Kunto Aji, a top artist in Indonesia, several media outlets and music tastemakers began to name Pamungkas as an artist on the rise in 2018. Although he has been approached by many managers and labels, instead he started his own label, Maspam Records, and decided to create a path that was entirely his own. From a sold-out solo tour to headlining festivals such as We The Fest and Java Jazz 2020, he has performed on international and national stages for thousands of viewers. With now, over 1.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 76 million combined views on YouTube, Pamungkas’s music has been heard all throughout Asia.