Paliki releases new single “Clouds”

Paliki’s new single, “Clouds (Just Boys, Just Girls)”, blends retro sounds and modern production. A catchy tune offering a fun summer beat and an infectious chorus that meshes technology with good old rock instrumentation.

Post-wave outfit Paliki is the brainchild of Italian producer/multi-instrumentalist Mariano Felisio. Named after the peninsula on the Greek island of Kefalonia, the project is partly inspired by the unique clash of wilderness, beauty and abandonment that the island has to offer. Following the disbandment of his former nationally touring band Lads Who Lunch, Mariano felt the need to rediscover his passion for music. After a few years of reflection, he began to experience an overflow of ideas. Galvanised by the recording practices of some of his post-punk heroes, he decided to play, record, and produce every sound on what was to become his debut album.

Armed with his trusted Telecaster guitar, a Fender Mustang bass, and a Yamaha RX5 drum machine, he has delivered a masterful set of songs that take cues from the likes of TV On The Radio, the Cure, Animal Collective, and Television, while putting his unique twist on things. Mariano is ready to take Paliki on the road with European tour dates in Germany and the UK planned for the summer. If reactions to the Italian live dates are anything to go by those audiences are in for a treat.