Electronic musician BLR gives a fresh remix to Norwegian DJ and producer Ørjan Nilsen’s single ‘Phantom Heart’ featuring Allé and Damon Sharpe.

Between the standout original taken from Orjan Nilsen’s recent album and the dark-melodic remix of Dutch DJ/producer BLR, this dual release on In My Opinion offers a fresh remix on Orjan’s curated trance sound. Featuring the amazing vocals, engineered by Allé and Damon Sharpe, on two astounding instrumental backdrops, both versions are built to last.

Dedicated, hardworking and energetic DJ and producer Ørjan Nilsen has gained a respective fan base across the globe. Working under Armada Music, Ørjan released a range of groove-ridden tracks and multi-genre infused albums that catapulted him to the top of the charts. His lively performances and high energy sets have garnered him gigs at some of the most iconic clubs and biggest festivals in the world.

Both the original version of ’Phantom Heart’ feat. Allé & Damon Sharpe and remixed version by BLR are available for streaming.

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