Onejiru Launches ‘Higher Than High’

Nairobi-born songstress Onejiru’s fresh release ‘Higher Than High’ flaunts her incredible voice and musicianship to the world. With silky smooth vocals and funky backing, the single gives major CHIC throwback vibes, and a jazzy video replicating the days of Soul Train. The singer describes ‘Higher Than High is a feeling you have when you let go of all anxieties and let music fill your body with joy’, its underlying message: that on the dance floor you can express yourself in any way you choose.

With influences ranging from Christine and the Queens, to Janelle Monae, Onejiru describes her art, not as world music, but ‘music for the world’. As a recording artist she says she feels completely unique, and observes the world around her as a storyteller.

The musician resides in Hamburg when she’s not touring across Europe, USA, Russia or East Africa, and is a spokesperson and activist for organisations including: Drinking water organisation Viva con Agua Foundation, Afro-German artist collective “Sisters”, and Music Hamburg Women, a network for women in the music industry.

There is one thing she must be sure of: her new single and video are set to launch her musical career higher than high.