Norway’s BEEZEWAX Announce Seventh Studio Album PEACE JAZZ

Norwegian indie rock band Beezewax have announced their seventh studio album, titled Peace Jazz and set for release on 3rd May 2019 via Sellout! Music. To celebrate the news, the band have also revealed new single ‘Two Diamonds’, available to stream in full now.

Lead singer and guitarist Kenneth Ishak says of the track: “It’s based on a really old song that we’d already recorded, but then we lost the original tape. I would just play parts of the song when I played guitar at home and just got into it again and wrote some new parts and lyrics.

“It’s just a straightforward love song to be honest, about finding something that is just yours, and that private world that is just full of joy. It’s easy to get jaded about things in general, so it’s great to find something that still excites and moves you—like seeing a color for the first time or tasting a new flavor of ice cream.”