Northern England’s Guitar Pop Finds A New Home In Israel With Downstairs Monsters’ ‘In A Flash’

The mainstream sounds of dance beats and club tracks in the far away town of Tel Aviv, Israel, has been challenged by a surprising alternative – Britpop. Liad Broyde leads the one-man production Downstairs Monsters, where he composes, sings, plays, produces and records every element his music with the same flawless execution of English guitar bands.

Capturing those feel good sing-along choruses of Northern England’s guitar pop, his latest track “In A Flash” infuses pop harmonies that range from the joy-affirming pop rhythms of The Beach Boys to the more psych-pop sounds of Arik Einstein.

A track that truly makes you feel at home, “In A Flash” shows that timeless guitar pop is still alive and can still be found in the unlikeliest of places.