Drawing upon fantastical realms and the dystopian worlds of science fiction, Nomadic artist Llynks releases the haunting single “Slow Burn” from her upcoming debut album Become The Root

Exploring themes of empowerment and self preservation through her introspective lyricism, Llynks’ artistic creations are a portal to her soul. Inspired by her own life experiences, “Slow Burn”’s stuttering synth patterns and angelic vocal harmonies create an ethereal domain for the listener to reside in. Its gothic embrace is otherworldly, tackling the concept of taking ownership of one’s own perception. 

“‘Slow Burn’ is about flailing through my 20s – moving from one thing to the next, cutting ties” Llynks explains. “It’s like that long emotional tail that relentlessly extends throughout the comings and goings of relationships”.

“Slow Burn” is an impressive indication of an artist who has confidentally discovered their sound.

Tune in below.