NOGA EREZ drops video for “CASH OUT (ft SAMMUS)” telling a story of a society of women left in a world without men

NOGA EREZ has shared a compelling new video to accompany her latest single, CASH OUT.” Co-starring Philadelphia rapper SAMMUS, who guest vocals on the song, the video was conceived by Erez and her collaborative partner Ori Rousso and directed by Hen Makhluf. It brings to life a biting track that calls out the contradicting pressures piled on women through consumerist society.

“In the “CASH OUT” video we tell a story about a society of women left in a world without men” Erez explains.“Specifically, focusing on a group who arrange street fighting meet-ups – fights for the mere joy and rush of adrenaline. In that female-only world we imagine the behaviour of the women and how much of the societal female characteristics remain and what’s lost.” 

On Cash Out” Noga Erez snarls in her distinctive drawl: “Keep your head low / Keep your weight low / Slow walk up a hill / Tip toe tip toe / Dream it till it’s yours / Don’t dream too high though / Ceiling hits your head / Your billing’s always low.” Later SAMMUS takes over, snapping “I can handle many scandals like I am the Pope, not the sistine’s / What I can’t do is dismantle every single trope in our histories.”

“The intention is to list out things that can make you a successful woman, in the most twisted, chauvinistic way”Erez explains. “What society’s version is contradicts itself (eat breakfast, not too much), and is derived from the image of well-being and wealth that is presented to us alongside commercials about food, food porn etc. It all sums up a person feeling that their mind is exploding from consuming everything that we are fed by society and advertising companies. The song is all from a woman’s perspective.”

Read the full lyrics HERE.