NILUM sets an introspective mood with new single ‘Nevermind’

NILUM, originally from Transylvania, moved to London at the tender age of 466 after making what he calls a pact with the devil to pursue his long concealed passion for music.

With dark bewitching heavy 808s, dirty distorted basses intertwined with razor-sharp rock vocals and rap lyrics, he dares to experiment and liberate himself from any music genre constrictions, fusing musical influences from two seemingly opposed genres, hip-hop and rock.

He is already making waves on the internet where he built a large following on Instagram.

His newest single ‘Nevermind’ sets a more introspective mood with profound themes of dealing with depression and anxiety.

‘Nevermind is about the struggle with depression and anxiety. It is about that feeling of knowing that people might say ‘yes I understand’ but in truth, they don’t. Therefore, it seems a better option to pretend all is fine, ‘put a mask on’, rather than explain something they won’t understand.

NILUM explains: “Ultimately, I believe that at the end of the day, the only person that can save you is yourself.’

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