NILUM is back with infectious new track ‘Bloody Mary’

NILUM, is a controversial independent artist. He wants to be the master of his own fate, sound and visual. Like he says, when not writing or producing you’ll most likely find him watching horror movies or preying in the streets
of London on the blood of sinful souls.

Following a spectacular success of ‘Coffins For Rent’ which was published among many on ‘Gangster Squad’ a channel with 1M subscribers as well as ‘Scroll’ where it currently holds nearly half million views, as well as most recently, the release of his midnight danse macabre ‘Graveyard Dance’ NILUM is back yet again to serve us a cocktail of ‘Bloody Mary’.

A cooling concoction of low-fi hip-hop and alluring rock that hits a blood red on the target in his landmark sleek sinister style. ‘Bloody Mary’ is just like the famous cocktail. Dazzling at first sight, yet mysterious. A tempting sweetness yet with a hit of spice you don’t expect. Hard to digest yet harder to forget. Just like the song, upon first listen, it leaves you wishing for more.

‘Bloody Mary’ has been inspired by the archetype of a femme fatale combined with influences from demonology and ancient myths. It is about an alluring woman that uses her charm to possess one’s soul and ultimately becomes a man’s demise.’