NIKI NIKI project alluring vocals on new track ‘Pretty Sunny Funny Walk’

The French-born trio are back with their dreamy soul number ‘Pretty Sunny Funny Walk’.

Avoiding sounding like anyone in particular, NIKI NIKI’s unique sound gently drops you off into a musical daydream, something you’d never want to wake up from. Taking huge influence from the likes of David Bowie and Brian Eno, the band have created a sound rarely heard anymore, bringing back the good old days to when music was more creative.

Talking about their latest track “Our music is the fruit of a transformation from tears to inner diamonds, an emotional pop which interrogates the actual world with all its violence and beauty. Our lyrics deal with reality through metaphoric waves“.

The trio recently released an alluring visual to accompany the outstanding track, Directed by lead vocalist, songwriter and bass player Mélodie Orru, Niki Niki proves they have complete control over their creativity.

Check out NIKI NIKI here