Nicholas Altobelli drops new single “Odd Numbers”

Texas’ Nicholas Altobelli has been around a while and his latest single shows that in the most delightful way possible. It’s the ole ‘Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ story. But his earnestness really makes you feel for him. He’s grown up now. But he’s also stubborn claiming “I never understood and I never will.” This is strait-forward simple pop at it’s finest. “Odd Numbers” is the first single from Vertigo, due out August 2nd.

A lot of the songs featured on Vertigo were songs that never made it on previous albums. “Runaway Trains” and “Tell Me What I Got to Do” never found a spot on the Mesocyclone EP. “Go To Sleep” was from a scrapped children’s folk album. “Everybody Knows The Truth” and “Look Out The Window” were written during a couple of studio sessions with Salim Nourallah as producer in 2015-2016 (The Nourallah-produced versions of those songs were released on 2018’s The Day-Olds compilation EP) that never materialized a full length album.

Under the guidance of producer, Zach Balch, Altobelli embraces the Americana roots that were once diluted in his previous full length releases while still keeping his California-pop tendencies. Despite their fractured timelines, each song on Vertigo weaves into each other with the same thematic thread of hope: I’m thinking maybe that it ain’t supernatural / That someday we could love one another / I know sometimes it doesn’t seem very factual / We just got to find a way to live together with these red, white, and blues.